VP 4000

Product Features :
  • Audio & video synchronous switch : Ensure the video and audio synchronous switch
  • Shortcut key setting : black output/ normal output , freeze, part / full screen
  • Seamless switching / fade-in-fade-out: picture from 2 channels can be switched seamless; also can be fade-in-fade-out.
  • Preset storage and recall : quickly switch to the saved scene
  •  Chroma key and picture I picture (PIP) : cut a part of the image from one video , then put it on another video . The size and location of 2 pictures is adjustable.
  •  Powerful splicing function : perfect splicing; equal & unequal splicing; splicing of 10x10 video processor
  • Multiple out put resolution : a variety of fixed resolutions are available (maximum 2304*1152@60HZ). Custom resolution is supported
  • Customized input resolution : perfectly realize the point –to-point display from PC to LED screen
  • 2.65 million pixels supported : height max. can be 3840pixels, vertical max. can be 1920pixels
  • Multiple video interface : HDMI, DVI, 2xVGA, 2xCVBS, SDI (optional) for input; 2xDVI, VGA for output