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What are Active LED Video Walls

In the past, wall pictures were used by people for promotions, advertisement, and communicating with their audience. In this modern world, everyone has shifted their focus from still images & posters to LED video wall displays. The LED display not only appeals but also attracts customers. They are designed in such a way that it helps to hold the attention of numerous customers at one time.

LED video wall can be divided into Indoor & Outdoor as per your requirement.
Let’s have a look at both the types:

Outdoor LED Video Wall:

LED video walls are huge displays that are attached to walls for panoramic views. This provides an improved viewing experience for the audience and helps catch the attention of the viewer than any other medium of display.
Outdoor LEDs are designed in such a way that they are enabled in all kinds of weather conditions. The main advantage of this kind of LED display is it can be viewed even from far away distance during day and night.
These are mainly used for streaming events, promoting and marketing brands, and helping in communicating important messages to the audience. This kind of LED Video wall technology is gaining popularity day by day.

Indoor LED Video wall:

Just like outdoor LED video walls, indoor LED video walls are as important and useful for communicating messages. Conference room LED screens are one kind of Indoor LED video wall, which can be useful in various meetings and help in improving the productivity of all the employees, helps in interacting much better in meeting rooms.
A brainstorming session will help improve the productivity of employees, but installing an LED video wall for the meeting room will help in improving the interactive quality of all the employees. These walls are designed to provide the right view and display of the content for the conference room & meetings.
There are many companies, schools, hospitals that have installed LED video walls not just for conference rooms but also for improving their interior facility.

-         LED Video walls are large screens that can be placed indoors as well as outdoor, the difference will be in the type of screens, as indoor LED screens won’t need much care as compared to outdoor LED screens due to unfit weather situations.

-         Indoor LED Screens are used in retail shops, malls, in companies for conference rooms/boardrooms, many restaurants, schools, colleges & hospitals.

-         Outdoor LED screens are used for advertising and promoting the brand to a larger audience, they are in the form of hoardings & boards.
Be it indoor or outdoor you will need an LED video wall to stay one step ahead of your competition.

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